Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Evangelism to pygmies, and bushmen areas in Burundi

Indigenous people in Burundi and Rwanda.
There are over one million people living in 5000 small villages. This entire area is completely isolated and very different from the rest of Burundi. The people in the villages still live as their ancestors did a thousand years ago. The grass huts they call home are simply sticks with thatch covering. Families have no possessions, except pots for cooking and mats for sleeping. Some of children do not even wear any clothing.

Spiritual poverty is rampant as well. People have no idea what a Bible is or who Jesus is. Instead they adhere to the many pagan practices of their ancestors.

After seeing the physical and spiritual poverty of the people, we knew we had to do something to help them long term. We are traveling regularly to the area and using Discipleship Evangelism to train approximately Two hundred believers. We teach four or five lessons over a couple of days and then send the disciples out in groups to show the JESUS film in the native language of the people. This in itself is a huge deal, as most of the people in this area have never seen a movie before. Just showing a movie could draw every person in the entire village to come and watch.
As it’s a movie about Jesus Christ, they will now have a frame of reference as to who He is and what He did for them.

They  finally begin to understand what crucifixion is and why Jesus died for them. Immediately after the film, we give an invitation to receive the Lord. Over the weeks that follow, the new converts will then be disciple’d by those who have already received the Discipleship Evangelism training.

Of course, not everyone will receive Jesus, and even fewer will ultimately become disciples, but the harvest is still positioned to be quite large.

For the project, we need travel expenses, the purchase of the films and generators, salaries of helpers, cars for transport ..

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